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No Credit? No Problem!

We approve no credit car loans

Having no credit is a starting point that every Canadian must face. We have all been there (whether it’s when we were younger or new to the country):

  • Students
  • New to Canada
  • No credit history
  • Starting from scratch

No credit car loans are easy to obtain through Approved Car Loans Canada.

It’s tough being in a situation where you have no credit because most financial institutions, banks, dealerships, and lenders might reject your application based off your lack of history.

There is a difference between having no credit and bad credit. Creditors might treat you the same because they make their lending decisions based on your history.  If you do not have a record of paying back your loans on time, they might be hesitant to lend to you.

Having no credit essentially means that you have not borrowed money within the last seven years. Moreover, it means that your credit report lacks relevant financial information.

This is an easy problem to overcome though. You can start by taking out a small loan and making your payments on time.  After making payments to your loan for a short period, you will start to build up your credit reputation.

Getting a car loan with no credit history is possible through our website. We want to help you start building up your credit score by supplying affordable loans that you can make the payments on.  One of the most important parts of building up your credit is taking on debt that you can afford.  By having an affordable monthly payment, you will set yourself up for success in the future.

Our rates are fair, and there are plenty of no money down car loan options available to you if you are just getting started.

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